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Can you Visit a Local Auto Repair Shop for Tesla Service?

Tesla vehicles are unquestionably unique. Their unique nature has some drivers questioning, “Can I visit a local mechanic for Tesla services?” While some issues will require Tesla’s in-house services, most can be completed by a local mechanic shop. Click here to read more about local Tesla auto repair and mechanic services.

New Tesla Tires

Your Tesla tires will need new tires once the tread depth reaches 2/32 of an inch. Low tread depth can create issues with vehicle safety, handling, fuel economy, and so much more. When shopping for new Tesla tires, you can find enhanced customer service, convenience, and support when buying locally. You can also often find deals, discounts, coupons, and promotions at your community auto repair shops. At Chapel Hill Tire, for example, you can get the lowest possible prices on your new Tesla tires with our Price Beat Guarantee. We also allow our customers to buy online with full transparency about potential tires using our Tire Finder tool. 

Rim Protection for Tesla Wheels

Tesla wheel rims are notorious for scratches. Why? Tesla’s tires are aligned closely with the rims—unlike most vehicles, where the tires protrude further than the rims for added protection. This design leaves rim metal vulnerable to damage. To make matters worse, even the Tesla auto-park feature has been known to scuff against the sidewalk. This problem is often called curbing, curb rash, or rim rash. Not only can rim scratches impact the appearance of your Tesla, but they can also lower your resale value. 

Thankfully rim repair and rim straightening services are available to help. However, like most vehicle troubles, prevention and protection should be your first recourse. For example, our Chapel Hill Tire experts install AlloyGator wheel and rim protectors onto Tesla tires. These nylon composite rings mount on the wheel to protect the edges of the rim. You can find a color to match your rims for invisible protection or choose an accent color for a custom look.

Tesla Tire Services: Tire Rotation, Balancing, Alignment, Patching, and Inflation

Tesla tires require the same routine and as-needed services that you would expect from any car. Keeping up with tire services can help you stay safe on the road, protect your vehicle from damage, and keep your range as long as possible. Let’s take a look at tire services for Tesla vehicles:

Tire Balancing Service

For your Tesla to stay protected on the road, it will need balanced tires. Rough bumps, potholes, and standard wear can throw off the balance of your tires. Unbalanced tires will bear the weight of your vehicle unevenly—leading to tire or vehicle hazards. Road force tire balancing service can restore the weight distribution of your tires. 

Tire Alignment Service

Over time, your wheels can fall out of alignment. This issue causes premature tire wear, poor gas mileage, steering wheel shakes, and handling troubles. Thankfully, tire alignment troubles are easy to fix with wheel alignment services

Tire Rotation Services

As you steer your Tesla, the front tires will ensure more friction against the road than your back tires. To help your tires wear evenly, you will require regular tire rotation services. Tesla’s maintenance recommendations include a tire rotation every 6,250 miles. However, if the roads in your area are especially rough, you might consider more frequent rotations.

Flat Repair: Tire Patching Services

Nails, screws, and other tire hazards are often kicked up when driving on the road. When you find a nail in your tire, it will require patching service. During the flat repair process, an expert will remove the nail or screw, patch the hole, and refill your tire with air. 

Tire inflation Services

Is your Tesla notifying you of low tire pressure? Low tire inflation can cause your vehicle to use extra power, cutting down on your range and requiring more frequent charging. It can also impact your vehicle handling, destroy your tires, and damage your rims. Thankfully, you can score free tire inflation from Chapel Hill Tire.

Tesla Control Arm Troubles

Tesla control arm components have a record of failing prematurely. Broken, loose, cracked, and worn control arm parts can create suspension safety issues. Thankfully, these control arm components can be easily replaced or repaired by a local auto repair shop. Local shops will help you skip the frustration and long wait times from Tesla dealerships.

Chapel Hill Tire: Tesla Service in the Triangle

If you are looking for high-quality, convenient Tesla service, Chapel Hill Tire is here for you! We offer Tesla repairs and services in Raleigh, Apex, Durham, Chapel Hill, and Carrboro. Our locations are also easily accessible to surrounding cities, including Wake Forest, Cary, Pittsboro, Knightdale, and beyond! You can make your appointment here online or give our local mechanics a call to get your Tesla serviced today!

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