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How Pollen Season Can Impact Your Car

You have probably noticed your car dusted yellow at some point this year from the pollen. Not only does pollen disrupt your car’s aesthetic and perhaps your allergies, but it can also have serious implications for your vehicle’s health. To keep your car protected from pollen, you will need more than just a simple car wash. Chapel Hill Tire’s auto mechanics are here with insight into pollen season’s impact on your vehicle. 

Pollen and Engine Health

Pollen does not directly disrupt your engine or its functioning. However, without the right care, it can create or accelerate engine damage. Contaminants like dirt, dust, debris, and (of course) pollen can impact engine components. Thankfully, you have engine and oil filters designed to keep these contaminants away from sensitive vehicle systems. 

These filters become clogged quickly when exposed to extra contaminants. For example, if you frequently drive on dirt roads, you will need a filter replacement more frequently. The same concept applies to pollen season. As pollen season reaches its worst, it can quickly begin to clog your filters. 

What Happens When You Have a Clogged Engine Air Filter?

Clogged engine filters restrict the airflow into your engine. Fresh oxygen is an essential part of your vehicle combustion process. Without proper airflow, your clogged filter can lower your fuel economy and impact your vehicle performance. Clogged filters are also naturally less effective in protecting your engine from contaminants. Over time, these issues can collectively lead to costly engine damage.

Cabin Air Filter

Your car has two separate air filters: your engine air filter (mentioned above) and your cabin air filter. Cabin air filters are designed to remove contaminants from the air circulating through your car’s HVAC system. This component helps you and your passengers breathe cleaner air while protecting your heating and cooling unit. Much like your engine air filter, cabin air filters can become clogged quickly as they fill with pollen.

What Happens When You Have a Clogged Cabin Air Filter?

When your cabin air filter becomes clogged, your HVAC system will have to work harder to force air through your unit. This requires more energy and can put your system under stress. As such, pollen-filled cabin air filters can damage your AC system—requiring extensive AC repairs

The Solution? Frequent Air Filter Checks and Changes

While pollen threatens to cause costly vehicle damage, the required preventative maintenance services are quick, easy, and affordable. Before hitting the road on your next adventure, have your air filters checked by a local professional. If your filters are clogged, a mechanic can replace them for you. Otherwise, they can give you an idea of when you are due for a filter replacement. 

Chapel Hill Tire Seasonal Car Service

While a car wash may clear away the yellow pollen tint, you need Chapel Hill Tire service to truly keep your car protected from the pollen. You can bring your vehicle in today for an engine air filter change, cabin air filter change, oil filter change, and more. Chapel Hill Tire has all the services you need to keep your vehicle ready for your spring and summer adventures. 
Our mechanics proudly serve the greater triangle area through our nine local locations across Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Apex, and Durham. You can make your appointment here online or give us a call to get started today!

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