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5 Signs You Need a Car Wash/Detailing Service

A car wash and detail can be a nice treat (or even a thoughtful gift during the upcoming holiday season). However, in some cases, this service is less of a convenience and more of a necessity for preventing damage. Our local mechanics are here with a look at five signs you need a car wash/detail.

1: Exterior Wear, Scratches, and Scuffs

Most drivers consider the aesthetics of car paint and polish, but these components serve a vital role in protecting your vehicle. This outer coating is designed to protect your car from scratches and scuffs. Such abrasions can expose your car’s metal—which can then rust in the rain and humidity. 

Thankfully, light scratches and scuffs can be buffed out during detailing service, and a new coat of wax can prevent future damage. So, if you notice a small scratch or some scuffs on your car, it is time for a car wash and detailing service

2: Marks and Wear in the Interior

Imagine rubbing harsh sandpaper against your leather seats. Naturally, this would cause more damage than ordinary wear and tear. Over time, dirt, sand, crumbs, and debris can accumulate in your interior—creating a sandpaper effect.

Granular debris can get wedged into your vehicle’s nooks and crannies—sometimes without you even noticing. As passengers and items move in and out of your cabin, everyday wear and tear can accelerate for your seats, floor mats, and siding. It is time for a detailing service when you notice marks or early signs of interior wear. However, it is best to get this service before your interior shows any noticeable decline. 

3: Seasonal Changes and Vehicle Protection

There are a few seasonal hazards that can accelerate car wear and tear. Thankfully, these issues are easily resolved with a car wash/detailing service:

  • Pollen: Not only does pollen irritate your eyes, but it can also damage your car’s paint job. Pollen spores are acidic—and acidity can be damaging to paint. These spores are also small enough to penetrate the “pores” of your paint and cause damage over time. When inside your car, pollen can irritate allergies and clog your cabin air filter. 
  • Road Salt: In the colder months, road salt can coat your vehicle’s exterior. The salt can be abrasive and corrosive—eating away at your car’s paint. When road salt enters your car, it can leave streaks, marks, and scratches behind. 
  • Sap: When tree sap hardens on your vehicle’s surface, it can stain your car and ruin your finish. 
  • Black spots: Have you ever noticed small black dots on your car’s paint? This is artillery fungus (also called shotgun fungus), and it thrives in the spring and fall seasons. These spores attach to your paint, leaving behind damage and stains. They can also become tough to remove after embedding into your car’s surface.

Without proper care, seasonal agents can damage your paint and leave your car vulnerable to rust. A car wash and detailing service will remove these harmful substances while preventing future damage. 

4: You’re Getting Ready to Sell

Car wash and detailing services are known to help vehicles retain higher resale values. When preparing to sell or trade-in your car, you will want to ensure you get the highest value possible. Interior and exterior scratches, scuffs, and wear can help the dealership justify a lower price point. A simple car wash and detailing service can help your car look its best. You will likely get your money back and more with a higher resale appraisal. 

5: When Your Car Doesn’t Feel Like Your Car

Driving work has become increasingly popular between Uber, Lyft, Doordash, Postmates, Amazon delivery, Turo, and more. Additionally, many of these services require drivers to use their personal vehicles. Over time, you might feel like your car belongs to someone else. This same experience can apply to parents who have cars overrun with toys, trash, and more.  

If you are ready for a refresh, a car wash and detailing service can help:

  • Get rid of odors: Over time, your car might start to pick up unpleasant scents (whether from daily pizza deliveries or your child’s sports gear). By vacuuming and wiping down your interior, a detailing service can help. 
  • Look and feel cleaner: A professional will vacuum up extra dirt and debris—leaving your interior refreshed. 
  • Protect against future wear: This service will help your vehicle stay ready for anything by conditioning your interior with a protective agent. 

Seamless Car Wash Service at Chapel Hill Tire

The local mechanics at Chapel Hill Tire strive to offer exceptional, industry-leading, and convenient one-stop car care. You can get your car washed and detailed during any standard service appointment. For an added layer of convenience, schedule a pick–up and delivery service—or, let our detailing experts come to you with our mobile detailing service!

Our mobile detailers will visit your local home or office to complete industry-leading service. Simply download our Apple or Google/Android app to book a mobile appointment!

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