what is a car ac recharge

What is an AC Recharge?

How to Keep Your Car’s AC Working Modern life has spoiled most of us. We’re used to traveling around with adjustable seats, auto-everything, and GPS so we never get lost. We also expect a cooling system we can set to the precise temperature for maximum comfort. Your car AC is one of those things you …

Tire Change

How to Change a Car Tire

Remember when you were a kid and the family piled into the station wagon to go on a road trip? Somewhere near the Tennessee border your dad reached into the backseat to quiet down the kids, hit the shoulder, and busted a tire. As he fixed it, traffic howling past, he told you to watch. …

Chapel Hill Tire History

A Ride Through Time: Cars from the 1950’s through the 2000’s

In 1954, post-war America was roaring into the boom years. More families than ever before were able to afford family cars. It was a bold decade filled with bold vehicles, chrome-decorated luxury machines that reflected all the optimism and progress of the ‘50s. Suddenly, everything was shiny! More cars meant more need for quality, trustworthy, affordable car …