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Where Can You Find The Most Affordable Tires?

Many drivers mistakenly associate smaller tire businesses with higher pricing. Little do they know, community tire shops are often home to the most affordable tires, as small businesses care about their customers more than their bottom line. Here is a closer look at how you can get the lowest prices on your new tires by shopping at Chapel Hill Tire.

A Wide Selection of Tire Brands

Dealerships, as well as many larger tire distributors, are often affiliated with one or more tire manufacturing brands. These companies will leave you to choose between a limited range of options, which may cause you to miss out on more affordable tires. By remaining unbiased in our approach, small tire businesses can give you the full details you need to make the right decision for you. 

Transparent Everyday Low Prices

The easiest way to get low prices on new tires is by comparing all of the tires available for your vehicle, their features, and their prices; however, this requires transparent tire pricing, out-the-door pricing, and no-obligation tire information:

Transparent Tire Pricing

Keep a close eye on pricing transparency when shopping for new tires. If a company is secretive about its tire prices, you have to take a moment to wonder what they are hiding. If their prices are affordable, they would want to share this information with customers, right? 

Transparent Out-The-Door Pricing

It is also essential to focus on the out-the-door price rather than just the price of the tire. The price you see online likely does not include the cost of professional tire installation. New tires require careful mounting and balancing, without which they will face uneven wear and deterioration on the road. Some dealerships or tire distributors offset “low” tire prices with high overhead costs. If they give you the tire price but hide their installation fees, taxes, and out-the-door price, you could still be left feeling duped when you receive the bill. 

No-Obligation Pricing

Another way that tire shops and dealerships hide their prices is by requiring an email address or phone number to view pricing information. They exhaust customers by requiring them to answer extensive questions about their vehicle, location, tire size, and tire preferences. After their selection of tire prices are available, they require customers to provide their phone number or email address before viewing the results. Customers often give in to these higher prices to avoid having to continue this complicated tire search. But your tire search does not have to be exhausting or complicated. Businesses like Chapel Hill Tire will provide you with tire pricing without requiring any information from you. 

Here at Chapel Hill Tire, our online Tire Finder tool gives you information about every tire available to your vehicle. This includes various brands, tire costs, features, and out-the-door prices. Unlike other businesses, we do not hide our tire costs or require your information to shop around.

Long-Term Tire Savings

When using the Tire Finder tool, you can view the warranties included with each tire. Many (but not all) manufacturers offer free warranties that will help ensure that you do not get a “lemon” tire. By shopping with this in mind, you can help find tires that offer long-term savings. 

The Tire Finder also gives you the pricing and coverage information about optional protection available for your new tires. This can provide long-term savings if you run into any tire issues, including free flat repair, tire balancing, and tire pressure refills

Price Beat Guarantee: The Secret to Affordable Tires

In addition to our transparent everyday low prices, Chapel Hill Tire has taken affordability to the next level with our Price Beat Guarantee. Under this deal, we will beat any lower competitor quote by 10%. This will leave you feeling confident that you got the lowest possible price on your new tires.

Chapel Hill Tire | New Tires Near Me

When you are looking for affordable new tires, the experts at Chapel Hill Tire are here for you. You can conveniently shop for your new tires right here online. When you are ready, have your new tires installed at your nearest Chapel Hill Tire location in Raleigh, Durham, Apex, Carrboro, or Chapel Hill. Make your appointment today or give us a call to get started!

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