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6 Mechanic Conveniences That Make Car Care Easy

Car care has long been associated with inconvenient scheduling, long wait times, and dreaded hours spent in a stuffy mechanic lobby. However, new mechanic offerings make vehicle service truly effortless. 

The local technicians at Chapel Hill Tire are here to unpack six mechanic services all drivers need.

Pick-Up and Delivery Mechanic Services

Drivers used to plan their whole days around visiting a mechanic for service. But, thanks to the latest car care conveniences, you can now have your car fully tuned without lifting a finger. 

Pick-up and delivery services operate just as the name suggests. A professional will pick up your vehicle—from wherever you are within the service area—and bring it back to the shop for repairs or maintenance. 

Once your vehicle is ready, a delivery expert will bring it back to your work, home, or anywhere within their service range. This convenience has revolutionized car care for busy parents, working professionals, and college students.

While your car needs to be in drivable condition to qualify for pick-up and delivery service, it has also been helpful for newer drivers who may feel uncomfortable operating a vehicle in need of care.

Mobile and Flexible Payments

Changes in the payment industry are innovated for a reason—the most common motivations being security and convenience. For example, mobile wallets (like Apple Pay) allow users to sync their payment methods with their cell phones. 

While they certainly are not for everyone, some users depend on these newer innovations. But what good are new payment methods if shops don’t accept them?

At times, it seems that the mechanic industry has trouble making accommodations. More traditional mechanic locations may not accept newer forms of payment. This lapse can cause inconvenience for drivers. To access a higher level of care, visit a mechanic that keeps up with the latest payment methods—like Chapel Hill Tire.

All-In-One Service Visits

Accessing high-quality car care can feel like a wild goose chase without the right provider. Do you have to visit a mechanic, an inspection center, a tire shop, and an automotive repair center to get your car the service it needs?

The easiest way to access convenient car care is to find a mechanic that offers it all by maintaining comprehensive service specialties. At Chapel Hill Tire, you can have your oil changed, your tires replaced, your vehicle inspected, and your car washed/detailed in a single visit. Our wide variety of service areas makes it easy for drivers to get the high-quality care they need without running around.

Same-Day or Next-Day Mechanic Appointments

When your car needs service, you can’t afford to wait. Putting off valuable car care leads to more costly and severe damage. However, scheduling delays are the reality for many dealership service departments and overrun mechanic locations. To access the care you need, when you need it, find a mechanic offering same-day or next-day appointments.

Shuttle Services for Mechanic Appointments

Shuttle services make it easy to access high-quality car care without spending your days in a shop lobby. After you drop off your car for service, your shuttle driver will bring you where you need to go—whether it’s home, work, or a nearby shopping center. Then, once your vehicle is ready, they will pick you back up. 

To get started, simply select the free shuttle option when scheduling your appointment. It is just that easy. 

Free Loaner Cars for Extended Services

Have you ever received the dreaded news that your car needs extensive service? Many drivers panic, wondering what they will do without their vehicles overnight. You can skip the stress and inconvenience when partnering with a mechanic network that has in-house loaner cars. In these cases, your mechanic will give you a car to borrow for free while they repair your vehicle.

Convenient Car Care at Chapel Hill Tire

The local mechanics of Chapel Hill Tire do their part to keep up with the latest conveniences. We offer all the above services, and Chapel Hill Tire’s experts continually update our offerings to support your needs. 

We proudly serve the greater Triangle with 10 locations across Cary, Apex, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and Durham. Our car care specialists also serve nearby cities, including KnightdalePittsboroWake ForestHillsboroughMorrisville, and beyond. We invite you to make an appointment or give us a call to get started today! 

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