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8 Car Services That Improve Fuel Efficiency

Is your car wasting gas? Rather than flushing money out of your tailpipe, consider investing in a service that can improve your fuel efficiency. These affordable vehicle services can save you hundreds at the pump. The local mechanics at Chapel Hill Tire are here with a look at 8 car services that can improve your fuel mileage. 

Oil Changes

Engine oil is responsible for lubricating your engine, keeping the parts seamlessly moving together. Naturally, clean engine oil also improves your engine performance, which can keep your fuel consumption at a minimum. 

Over time, your oil becomes dirty, depleted, oxidized, and contaminated—putting your engine and its performance at risk. Maintaining your regular oil change schedule can boost engine performance and improve your fuel economy. 

Engine Performance Restoration

Have you noticed your car’s fuel economy steadily decreasing since you purchased your vehicle? While there are a few potential culprits to performance issues, one of the most common we see is low tension in the piston rings. 

Piston ring issues allow oil contamination, oil oxidation, and the loss of pressure in the combustion chamber. Ultimately, this creates poor engine performance, more frequently-needed oil changes, and tanking fuel economy. In these cases, an engine performance restoration service can help save your engine and restore your fuel economy. You can read our full guide to engine performance restoration here

Fuel Injection Service

Your fuel injector is responsible for sending fuel to your engine. While this might sound simple enough, it is actually one of the more sensitive and complex vehicle systems. Your fuel injector must inject the right amount of fuel at the right time and the right angle. Over time, this system becomes clogged—throwing off the fuel injection process and creating issues, like:

  • Poor fuel economy
  • Too much fuel going to your engine
  • Not enough fuel going to your engine
  • Engine misfiring

…And a wide variety of other vehicle performance problems. A fuel injection service will restore the functioning of your fuel injection system—bringing back optimal fuel economy and engine performance. 

Tire Pressure Refill

Sufficient tire pressure is one of the most vital contributors to a healthy fuel economy. Have you ever ridden a bike with a flat tire? It requires much more energy than riding a bike with fully-inflated tires. The same concept applies to your car. Driving with low tire pressure will require much more energy and fuel. 

Thankfully, low tire pressure comes with an easy fix. Use your tire information panel to locate your desired tire pressure. Then, fill up your tires at a nearby gas station or score a free tire pressure refill at your local mechanic.

Low Rolling Resistance Tires

Healthy tires are essential to your safety on the road — promoting sufficient vehicle braking, traction, and handling. The only downside to thick tire tread is its impact on your fuel economy. As your tires grip the road, they offer some resistance that makes your engine work harder to move forward. The solution? Low rolling resistance tires. These tires have tread designed to promote safe driving while optimizing your fuel economy. 

Engine Air Filter Changes

Your engine air filter catches harmful dust, dirt, pollen, and debris that may circulate your engine. However, once your air filter becomes clogged, it will restrict airflow to your engine—impacting your fuel economy and putting your engine health at risk. Protect your gas mileage and your engine by getting your engine air filter replaced every 12,000-15,000 miles. 

Replacing Failing or Damaged Oxygen Sensors

Oxygen is essential for the fuel combustion process. However, your car requires a balanced ratio of oxygen and gas (often 14.7:1) to run efficiently:

  • Too little oxygen will result in gas waste. Your engine can only burn fuel with the help of oxygen. Any gas that cannot combust due to low oxygen levels will discharge from your exhaust. 
  • Too much oxygen in this mixture can lead to engine performance issues, which will decrease your fuel economy. 

Your car uses the oxygen sensor to determine how much fuel to send to the engine to achieve the perfect air-fuel mixture. Replacing failing or damaged oxygen sensors can help your vehicle work efficiently again. 

Catalytic Converter Service

Catalytic converters are vital for improving vehicle emissions. They convert harmful pollutants (like carbon monoxide) into eco-friendly emissions (like hydrogen). However, drivers have a history of removing their catalytic converters to improve horsepower and fuel economy. 

However, newer catalytic converters can actually help boost fuel efficiency. Additionally, failing or removed catalytic converters can impact your oxygen sensors to increase fuel consumption. This will also cause you to fail your annual emissions inspection

If your catalytic converter is stolen, damaged, or failing, you can bring it in for a replacement to restore your fuel economy. 

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