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A Quick Guide to Touchless Tire Changing

As local tire professionals, the experts at Chapel Hill Tire are familiar with the challenges that many mechanics and drivers face during the tire replacement process. Damaged, bent, or scratched rims? Long wait times? Issues with your new tires? We have heard it all. This is why we rely on touchless tire replacement. This process provides reliable tire changing without any of the traditional risks and challenges. Here is a quick guide to touchless tire replacement.

Why Do Traditional Tire Changes Put Rims at Risk?

Unfortunately, tire changes have earned a bad reputation of leaving drivers with damaged rims. You might find yourself battling a mechanic over whether or not your rim was scratched before you visited the shop. So why do traditional tire changes often result in scratched or bent rims

These manual tire changes require mechanics to powerfully maneuver levers and other heavy-duty tools while also being incredibly gentle with your rims and new tires. Naturally, this makes it easy for an inexperienced mechanic to leave your rims with serious damage. However, even the most skilled and experienced technicians are susceptible to human error. Touchless tire changing can prevent scratched rims by automating the tire changing process using upgraded tools.

How Does Touchless Tire Changing Prevent Scratched Rims? 

The Hunter Tire Machine is designed to overcome all of the challenges you might encounter during the tire changing process, which eliminates any risk to your rims:

  • Leverless tire changing removes even the most stubborn tires without the abrasive levers. 
  • Levers are replaced by scratch-resistant polymer tools that automatically follow your rim profile.
  • It eliminates human error by automating the tire changing process.

A Four-Step Tire Changing  Process

One significant difference between traditional tire changing and touchless tire changing is the streamlined process. Tire changing is usually a 9-step process for each tire, compared to the contactless 4-step process. Touchless tire machines simply require mechanics to:

  • Clamp the tires to the Hunter Tire Machine and enter in the rim configurations
  • Use the mechanical rollers to remove the old tire
  • Thread the new tire onto the rim using a polymer hook and roller
  • Fill the tire to the proper PSI (tire pressure)

You can view a video of this process or read a more detailed description here: Introducing Hunter’s Auto34S Tire Changer Machine.

Quicker Service Visit

Tire replacements are known for being time-consuming, often leaving customers in the waiting room for hours. Each tire has to be carefully removed from your rims, replaced with a new tire, refilled to the proper PSI, mounted, and balanced. Chapel Hill Tire offers vehicle pick-up, delivery, and shuttles, making it easy to fit any service into your schedule. However, touchless tire changing minimizes the wait time on this service by streamlining the tire changing process.

Chapel Hill Tire: Contactless Tire Changing

When you need tire replacements, Chapel Hill Tire makes buying new tires easy, convenient, and affordable. After you buy your new tires online using our Tire Finder tool, we can get them added to your vehicle with the enhanced experience of touchless tire changing. You can contact any of our 9 Triangle-area locations—including those in Raleigh, Durham, Carrboro, Apex, and Chapel Hill—with any questions you may have. Make your appointment here online to get started today!

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