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Introducing Hunter’s Auto34S Tire Changer Machine at Chapel Hill Tires

Touchless Tire Changing at Chapel Hill Tire

Step into the future of automotive service with Hunter’s new Auto34S tire changing machine at Chapel Hill Tires. This advanced machine makes quick and precise tire service easier than ever. Learn more here about the Hunter tire machine and how it will elevate your service experience when you visit Chapel Hill Tire.

Safe and Careful Tire Removal

Expert attention during a tire change is important for protecting your rims, protecting your vehicle, and ensuring an overall excellent service experience. The Hunter Tire Machine removes tires with quick and careful precision. Unlike other tire changing machines or self-service care, you do not face the risk of damaging your wheels or rims during a tire change. This is made possible by the machine’s advanced TPMS location sensors, leverless nature, and polymer tools.

  • Hunter’s TPMS, or Tire Pressure Monitoring System, will calculate and distribute the ideal tire pressure for your tires. This eliminates the risk of harmfully overfilling your tires.
  • The Auto34 leverless nature of Hunter’s Auto34S tire changer machine means that you do not run the risk of denting or scratching your rims during a tire change.
  • Polymer tools are scratch-resistant, making the Hunter tire machine ideal for protecting your rims.

This higher standard in excellence is why Hunter’s Auto34S tire changer machine has been recognized by Motor Magazine’s Top 20 Tools Awards, the PTEN Innovation Award, and the PTEN Innovation People’s Choice Award.

Touchless Tire Changing

Quickly and carefully changing your tires has never been easier! The Hunter tire machine features a fully automated tire changing process, which is what helps this service stand out from the rest. Touchless tire changing means a reduced risk for technicians and for your rims. While Hunter’s Auto34S tire changer machine takes care of the automated work, your technician can prepare different elements of your tire change process, which further reduces your waiting time.

Quick Vehicle Service in NC | Fast Tire Changing

The Hunter Tire Machine means less waiting for new tires when you visit Chapel Hill Tire. It is no question that the process of changing tires can easily become a lengthy one. To quickly get you in and out, the Hunter tire machine takes a faster and more accurate approach; this highly advanced machine works quickly to assess your tire system and carefully change out your tires. The automated nature of the machine means less time waiting during your service appointment and more time for doing what is most important to you.

With Hunter’s Auto34S tire changer machine, the time it takes to change a tire is reduced by an average of 15% from that of even the most skilled professionals. Unlike non-automated alternatives, the machine does not take a longer amount of time to change different types of tires, which makes Hunter’s tire machine experience a heightened time saver for drivers with non-traditional tires. We want nothing but the best for our clients, which is why we partner with only the most advanced automotive brands.

The Process | Hunter Touchless Tire Changing Process

Getting new tires is easy with the Hunter Tire Machine. When using Hunter’s Auto34S Tire Changer Machine, technicians select the clamp size, set TPMS sensor and rim diameter, use press arms (as needed), and set the tire’s inflation pressure. The experts simply place your tire onto the machine, unload your old tire, and reload your new tire. The Hunter tire machine does the rest! This is a simple four-step process compared to the 9-step traditional alternative. This means less room for error and results in a quick and accurate tire changing process.

Tire Service Raleigh | Tire Service Near Me

Get your next vehicle service at Chapel Hill Tire to experience all of the benefits of Hunter’s new Auto34S tire changer machine today! You will find Chapel Hill Tire services in Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Carrboro, and Durham today! Check out our coupons to score a deal on your next tire service today!

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