Spring Forward Safely: Essential Car Care Tips for the New Season

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As the days grow longer and warmer weather beckons, it’s time to shake off the winter slumber and prepare your car for the adventures ahead. While spring brings its share of beauty, it also presents unique challenges for your vehicle. From unpredictable rain showers to fluctuating temperatures, a few key checks can ensure your car tackles the season safely and smoothly.

Why Do Vehicles Need Maintenance After Winter?

Vehicles should receive an inspection and maintenance after winter due to the negative impact ice, snow, and salt can have on them. Icey and snowy conditions can also cause more wear and tear on tires, windshield wipers, and the components under your vehicle, so an inspection and any needed repairs are essential before spring. 

Besides the chance of damage to your vehicle, winter conditions can also affect your vehicle’s appearance. Whether it’s salt stuck to your front bumper or chipped paint from ice, your vehicle probably won’t look its best once spring rolls around. Instead of riding around in a dirty vehicle or risking corrosion due to deicing products, it’s best to take your vehicle in for an inspection and thoroughly wash it early during the spring.

7 Tips for Spring Vehicle Maintenance

Since spring vehicle maintenance is essential for preventing corrosion, wear and tear, and other issues, you’ll want to evaluate a few key parts of your car. As you prepare your car for the spring, take a moment to review our seven top tips for spring vehicle maintenance below:

1: Check Your Tires and Tire Tread

With the change in seasons, it’s essential to ensure your tires are in top condition. Since fluctuating temperatures can affect tire pressure, check it regularly and make sure the pressure in your tires matches the range listed in your owner’s manual.

After you check the tire pressure, take a moment to examine the tread depth to ensure proper traction, especially during spring showers. If you switched to winter tires in the fall, you’ll also need to replace them with all-season or summer tires.

2: Inspect Your Wiper Blades

Spring brings rain, and your wiper blades need to be up to the task. Inspect them for any signs of wear or cracking. If they’re not clearing your windshield effectively, it’s time for replacements. Clear visibility is crucial for safe driving in wet conditions, and since the spring often brings rain, a new set of wiper blades is essential for your visibility and safety.

3: Test Your Battery 

Cold weather can take a toll on your car’s battery, and the transition to warmer temperatures doesn’t mean it’s off the hook. Have your battery tested to ensure it’s holding a charge effectively. The last thing you want is to be stranded with a dead battery.

4: Perform a Brake Check

Your brakes are vital for safety year-round, but they’re especially crucial in wet conditions. Have a professional inspect your brake pads, rotors, and brake fluid to ensure everything is in proper working order. Don’t ignore any squeaks or grinding noises—address them promptly.

5. Wash Your Car

Even if you don’t live in an area with lots of snow, winter can still bring ice and salted roads that can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s exterior. Plus, since most people don’t feel like washing their car in the cold, it may not have been washed in a while. Instead of letting dirt and salt stay on your vehicle’s exterior and corrode the paint, take some time to thoroughly wash the exterior of your vehicle or schedule a car wash appointment.

6. Replace Headlight Bulbs If Needed

Once you’ve washed your car, turn your headlights on at night to see if they’re both working and providing enough light. Dimmer lights could be due to dirty coverings, but if you’ve already washed your vehicle and given your headlights a good scrub, you likely need your bulbs replaced. 

When you find that a headlight is out or it’s not providing as much light as it normally would, have your bulbs replaced by a professional at a repair shop.

7: Schedule a Spring Tune-Up and an Oil Change

Give your car the TLC it deserves with a comprehensive spring tune-up. This includes checking fluid levels, inspecting belts and hoses, and ensuring all systems are functioning correctly. During this appointment, ask for an oil change, as oil can become less effective with age. Regular maintenance now can prevent costly repairs down the road and keep your vehicle running smoothly throughout the season.

Bring Your Car in for a Spring Tune-Up at Chapel Hill Tire

If you need a spring tune-up for your vehicle and live near Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Durham, or the surrounding Triangle area, Chapel Hill Tire has you covered. With our team of expert mechanics in your corner, you can ensure every part of your vehicle is working at its best for the spring. From oil changes and tire services to brake repairs and battery replacements, we have a variety of car care services you can rely on every season of the year. Before you schedule an appointment, make sure to check out our available promotions to save even more money on our services.Learn more about our vehicle inspection, maintenance, and repair services today. If you’re ready to bring your car in, please schedule an appointment at one of our many Triangle-area locations.

Why Batteries Lose Their Charge in the Winter

Winter brings more than just chilly winds and snowflakes, as it can also cause a common automotive issue: dead car batteries. As temperatures drop, many drivers find themselves facing the dreaded click of a non-starting vehicle. If you want to protect your car’s battery, learn more about why cold temperatures cause batteries to perform worse in cold weather and how to prevent dead batteries in the winter.

Why Do Batteries Lose Their Charge in the Winter?

When the thermometer dips below freezing, a car battery can lose 30% to 60% of its charging capacity. Car batteries often lose their charge due to slower chemical reactions, thickening vehicle oil, and increased energy demands from electrical systems. Find out more about how each of these factors affects a battery’s charge below:

  • Slower chemical reactions: Most car batteries rely on chemical reactions to generate power and send power signals to terminal ends. During cold weather, a battery’s electrochemical reactions will slow down, resulting in a weaker battery.
  • Increased energy demands: The winter can bring increased energy demands from your vehicle. For example, running your defroster and heater can put greater energy demands on your vehicle. Since your battery will already be impacted by slower chemical reactions, putting too much demand on your battery can lower its charge faster. As a result, it’s typically recommended to keep electrical systems off (e.g., your defroster, heater, radio, and headlights) when you first start your vehicle on cold mornings.
  • Thicker engine oil: Another common challenge batteries face in the winter is thicker engine oil. In cold weather, your engine oil will be thicker, and the cold can strain other internal components, such as belts, hoses, and radiators. The increased strain and thicker oil slow down engines and require them to use more power to start. Depending on the condition of your battery, the increased power demands from the engine can cause your battery to lose its charge. 

With a reduced capacity and higher energy demands, even healthy batteries can be strained by the winter. Due to the extra demands placed on them, it’s essential to know the main signs of a failing car battery and take action to protect your battery from cold weather.

Why Do Old Batteries Perform Worse in Winter Weather?

In the winter, an older battery, already weakened by years of use, faces even greater challenges. Accumulated wear and reduced efficiency due to the thicker engine voil, increased energy demands, and slower chemical reactions make old batteries especially vulnerable to winter’s harsh conditions. When a battery that’s just getting by in warmer weather faces a cold snap, it often doesn’t have the power to turn over the engine, resulting in a dead battery.

Usually, batteries last between four to six years. If your battery is in this range before the winter, you’ll want to get it tested and potentially replaced to ensure your vehicle will have enough power in the winter.

The 9 Main Signs of a Failing Car Battery

Since winter can place additional strain on your batteries, you’ll want to be on the lookout for signs of a weak battery before winter hits. As you try to prevent having to jump-start your car this winter, review the nine main signs of a failing car battery below:

  • Your headlights and power turn on, but your engine won’t start
  • Your vehicle suddenly takes longer to start
  • Your battery smells like sulfur or rotten eggs (your battery shouldn’t smell like anything!)
  • Your vehicle starts but then shuts off right after
  • Your battery is four to six years old (or older)
  • Your headlights are dimming, but the bulbs don’t need to be replaced
  • Your radio won’t turn on
  • Your battery looks swollen
  • Your check engine light won’t turn off, or it flashes

If you notice any of the above signs, you may need to replace your car battery. Even if the issue isn’t with your battery, you’ll still want to get your vehicle inspected as fast as possible to correct whatever is causing any of these signs to occur.

When Should You Test Your Battery?

Typically, a battery under three years old doesn’t need to be tested. However, once your battery is more than three years old, you should test it to ensure it can handle the cold. Since batteries tend to die after three to five years, the three-year mark is a great time to start checking it. If you find it’s starting to die prematurely, you can save yourself the hassle of the battery dying unexpectedly by replacing it.

How to Protect Your Car Battery in the Winter?

The good news is, with a little preparation, you can avoid winter battery blues. If you want to prevent a dead battery, check out the main ways you can protect your car’s battery in the winter:

  • Regular battery tests: Throughout the winter, regular battery checks are crucial. When checking the battery, make sure it has its recommended charge. If you notice that its charge is lower than it’s supposed to be, you’ll want a professional to check it out. 
  • Clean your battery’s terminals: Keep the battery terminals clean and free of corrosion, as dirty terminals can impact your battery’s performance.
  • Drive regularly: Batteries recharge while you drive, so you’ll want to drive your car regularly in the winter. If you don’t give your battery time to recharge by driving your vehicle, the battery can drain. When you don’t drive your vehicle regularly, you may want to invest in a trickle charger, as these devices slowly recharge car batteries. 
  • Park your vehicle in a garage: If you have a garage you can park your vehicle in, you’ll want to use it in the winter. By keeping your car in an enclosed place, you can shield your battery from the worst of the cold. Even if your garage is unheated, it will provide enough insulation to keep your battery warm and stop ice or snow from getting all over your car.

Choose Chapel Hill Tire for Car Battery Services in the Triangle

If you’re looking for car battery services near you in Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh, or the surrounding Triangle area, turn to  Chapel Hill Tire. Our team understands the importance of a reliable battery in the winter months. When you bring your car in, our experts will be ready to test, diagnose, and replace your battery if necessary, ensuring you’re not left out in the cold. If your car doesn’t start due to a dead battery, we’ll even come to you to jump your vehicle so you can drive it to our shop.

Learn more about our car battery services today. If you’re ready to replace your battery or just need it tested, please schedule an appointment at one of our many Triangle-area locations. Make sure to also check out our cost-saving promotions before your appointment.

Our People: Dru Gualdarama, Manager and Mentor

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At Chapel Hill Tire, our commitment to excellence is only outshined by the remarkable people who drive our mission forward. In this edition of “Our People,” we’re delighted to spotlight Dru Gualdarama, the esteemed manager of our Atlantic Avenue location. Dru’s journey in the automotive world is as inspiring as his dedication to our team and community.

Driven by Passion: A Journey from Fast Cars to Family Values

Dru’s love affair with automobiles began with a childhood dream sparked by fast cars and classic Chevys. This passion led him on an adventure from California to North Carolina, navigating life’s twists and turns with the same skill he once dreamed of applying to a 67 Chevy C10 Fleetside. Though life’s responsibilities shifted his priorities, Dru’s heart never strayed from the automotive world, ultimately leading him to our Chapel Hill Tire family.

A Memorable Moment of Kindness and Community

Dru recalls a particularly heartwarming experience during our “12 Days of Kindness (2023)” initiative. His involvement in repairing Mary Lucas’ Pathfinder — a tribute to her 25 years of foster parenting — exemplifies the spirit of giving and community that Chapel Hill Tire cherishes. Dru’s leadership in this initiative reflects his deep commitment to making a positive impact, one car, and one family at a time.

Empowerment through Leadership: Cultivating a Culture of Growth

For Dru, the true reward of management lies in inspiring and empowering his team. His passion for fostering a culture rich in growth, empathy, and resilience shines through his everyday interactions. Dru’s approach goes beyond fixing cars; it’s about building a community of professionals deeply attuned to the needs and aspirations of their colleagues, customers, and the broader business landscape.

Pursuing Excellence: Leading the Way in Automotive Expertise

During his tenure as manager at the Crabtree Valley store, Dru spearheaded the attainment of the esteemed Blue Seal of Excellence, showcasing their unparalleled proficiency and dedication. Upon transitioning to the Atlantic Avenue store, he continued his exemplary leadership, aiding them in achieving their own Blue Seal, underscoring his commitment to maintaining industry-leading standards and fostering continuous improvement

Staying Ahead: Navigating the Future of Automotive Technology

In an industry that never slows down, Dru keeps pace with the rapid advancements in automotive technology. His dedication to staying informed — through industry news, expos, online forums, and continuous learning — ensures that Chapel Hill Tire remains at the forefront of automotive service and expertise.

Dru Gualdarama’s journey with Chapel Hill Tire is more than just a career; it’s a testament to the power of passion, leadership, and community engagement. We’re proud to have Dru as a key member of our family, and we’re excited to see how his vision and dedication continue to drive us forward.

Stay tuned for more stories of the amazing individuals who make Chapel Hill Tire a place where everyone can “Work Happy.”

Our Community: 12 Days of Kindness

During the holiday season, we cherish the spirit of giving at Chapel Hill Tire. Nothing brings us more joy than contributing to our community. At Chapel Hill Tire, we are committed to reciprocating the kindness our community has bestowed upon us. That’s why, throughout the month of December, Chapel Hill Tire celebrated members of the local community through the return of a holiday tradition: 12 Days of Kindness. 

“Every December, we’ve always looked for ways to give back to the community and try to bring our customers into the process. It started with us partnering with local food banks and offering our customers $10 off oil changes if they brought in a can of food,” said Marc Pons, co-owner of Chapel Hill Tire. “We started exploring new ways of giving back to the community… Then during Covid, we renamed it the 12 Days of Kindness — because we thought the world could use a little more kindness — and it stuck.”

After a round of nominations, 12 members of the Triangle community were selected to receive $1,000 car care vouchers. Among them were individuals like Thagyan Moe, a Karen/Burmese interpreter for the Refugee Support Center in Carrboro; Mary Katherine Keyser, a local educator empowering students with learning differences; and Reverend Phyllis Cameron Rhone, a retired nurse who serves as the Pastor of Guilford Community Church.

“This year, I think we were able to strike a really great balance between having fun and doing good for the community,” said Pons. And after seeing the response from some of those selected for the car care vouchers, Pons was deeply touched. “The letters that we received from our community members are beautiful affirmations that we are on the right track. They lift the spirits of our whole team. It feels really good to use our God-given talents to help out members of our community, especially these folks who always give of themselves and never ask for anything in return.”

Videos announcing the people selected for vouchers were added to 12days.chapelhilltire.com from December 11-22. Please give the website a visit if you’d like to learn more about the amazing people chosen for this year’s 12 Days of Kindness.

What’s Up With That? Getting By With A Little Help From Our Cars

When a car is driven off the showroom floor, it’s not just as beautiful as it will ever be — it’s also at its safest, with a fresh set of tires and brakes, and everything mechanical in perfect working order. 

In today’s cars though, safety features go far beyond the physical and mechanical, into what are collectively called Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems, or ADAS. Relying mainly on computers, sensors, chips, and electronics, these powerful defense mechanisms can help correct for driver errors across the whole range of a vehicle’s functions. And in the future, they may even go so far as to allow for fully self-driving cars.

But to really understand these ADAS, let’s go back to the original driver-assistance system that started it all: Anti-lock brakes.

The First ADAS

From the time of the first automobile, ineffective braking has been a major cause of accidents. Applied too heavily, brakes could “lock up”, further sending the vehicle into a skid (or worse). 

As early as the 1920s, automobile manufacturers were looking for ways to prevent this worst-case scenario with hydraulic mechanisms, and later with purely mechanical systems in the experimental Ford Zodiac circa 1950.

But it wasn’t until 1971 when Mario Palazetti of the Fiat Research Center developed the first of what would become today’s ADAS: An entirely electronic, computerized system to prevent brake locking.

From there, it was off to the races, with designers creating a whole range of ADAS: Electronic stability controls, blind spot information systems, adaptive cruise controls, and traction control. With each advancement, cars became safer to drive — and more resistant to human errors.

Driver-Assistance Systems Today

With increasingly sophisticated technologies and more powerful computers available year by year, today’s cars are safer than ever thanks to comprehensive ADAS systems. In fact, there are so many different ADAS that the Society of Automotive Engineers has created a classification system, divided into six levels (0 through 5).

At level 0, ADAS provide information for the driver that they’ll then have to interpret on their own. These include parking sensors, lane departure warnings, blind spot information systems, forward collision warnings, and more.

At level 1, ADAS systems can take control over one function of the car, whereas at level 2 the car can take over multiple traffic functions at once. Adaptive cruise control, emergency braking systems, and lane centering all fall within level 1, while things like highway assist and autonomous parking fall firmly within level 2.

Levels 3 through 5 have not yet been fully integrated into cars that you can buy off the lot, with many of their features still in the experimental stage. With each level of increase, the car does more of the driving — with level 5 being fully autonomous driving.

The Future of ADAS

From the introduction of driver-assistance systems just over 50 years ago, we’ve progressed to a point where fully autonomous cars are being tested on America’s roads. Could we see a future where drivers will no longer need to have a physical hand in operating their vehicles? It’s certainly possible — but that will also mean that maintaining your vehicle’s systems becomes more important than ever.

That’s why we’re always keeping up to date on the latest developments in automotive technology here at Chapel Hill Tire: So that no matter how cars and driving change, you’ll always be able to rest easy knowing that you’ve had your maintenance taken care of at one of our 11 locations in the Triangle.

Our News: Toyota Camry Donation

It’s the skilled technicians at Chapel Hill Tire that make it possible for us to do great work for our community, keeping your cars in good working order through general maintenance and repairs. But before we get to see our technicians’ skills in action, it’s the Triangle’s dedicated automotive teachers who make their education possible — so we’re always looking for ways to support our teachers and schools.

This month, that comes in the form of a big donation to Durham Technical Community College. By repurposing one of our loaner cars, we’re grateful to be able to help the school’s automotive program prepare to teach even more students how to work on hybrid and electrical vehicles.

“Our automotive program has several certificate options, a diploma option and an associate degree option,” says H. Ward Taylor, director of Automotive Systems Technologies at Durham Tech. “We currently have built a classroom and lab to teach Hybrid and Electric Vehicle technologies, both of which are incorporated into next year’s plan of study.”

As technologies continue to change, we’re always looking to be on the cutting edge. By donating a 1999 Toyota Camry to Durham Tech’s automotive program, we’re hopeful for the opportunity to bring up a whole new generation of students who will be skilled in hybrid and electric vehicle maintenance and repair.

“Receiving this donation of the hybrid Toyota Camry from Chapel Hill Tire will help us teach our students this technology, and we are very grateful to the team at Chapel Hill Tire for this donation and all the other help they have provided the program over the years.”

Marc has this to say about the donation: “We are honored to support Durham Tech’s automotive education department by donating one of our loaner cars. This partnership reflects our core value of ‘Being Grateful and Helpful,’ and our commitment to fostering the next generation of skilled automotive professionals.”

Our People: Logan Gray, General Service Lead

photo of a set of wrenches beside a bumper sticker with a yellow smiley face that reads "Drive Happy" and a blue ball cap with a yellow smiley face

As part of our commitment to treating each other like family at Chapel Hill Tire, we mean to treat everybody like family — and that means finding ways to give everyone equal opportunities to succeed.

“In a male dominated field like the automotive industry, I want young women out there to know that they are capable too,” says Logan Gray, General Service Lead at the Fordham Boulevard location. “I pursued a career in healthcare for nearly a decade before getting tired of pushing paper. And when I decided to go out on a limb and apply at Chapel Hill Tire, they really gave me the opportunity to discover my passion for something I once overlooked!”

That passion may have started early in life for Logan, who grew up on an alfalfa farm surrounded by heavy machinery, go-karts, and ATVs. But it wasn’t until she started at Chapel Hill Tire that a lot of doors opened for her to be part of a team:

“I am blessed to be at a shop with four Master Technicians and many other co-workers that are constantly sharing whatever information they come across. We truly do win as a team!”

Even outside of her day-to-day work at the Fordham shop, Logan stays active in the automotive community, mentoring young women in this ever-growing field.

“One of the things I’ve enjoyed the most during my time at Chapel Hill Tire was working with The Power of Us summer camp and the Summer Careers Academy. There was a young lady there who had just graduated high school, and had never even considered automotive as an option — but after finding out how much she loves it, she is now enrolled in her local community college’s automotive program while working with us part time at the Fordham location. It is really awesome watching her continuously excel!”

In addition to her efforts at educating young women about potential careers in the automotive industry, Logan finds deep satisfaction in the everyday work of helping every customer that comes in:

“As a service lead, I spend a good bit of my time up front with the service advisors, and I can see how flustered some of our customers are when they come in. It can be totally overwhelming to have a problem with your only method of transportation. And sometimes, when I can tell a customer that their problem has been solved, it seems as if I can actually see the weight lifted off their shoulders. That is super gratifying.”

We’re grateful and thankful to have Logan as such an integral part of our Chapel Hill Tire family, and can’t wait to see all of the amazing things she’ll be doing in the future!

Our Values: Treat Each Other Like Family

Chapel Hill Tire Values

Of all the values that the Chapel Hill Tire team lives by, Treating Each Other Like Family comes first. Because while we are striving for excellence, working on being grateful and helpful, saying yes to customers and each other, and winning as a team, it’s the family unit that ties us all together — and makes it possible for us to come to work each day with a smile on our faces, and leave knowing that we’ve done good in the world.

But what does it really mean when we say that Treating Each Other Like Family is a core value at Chapel Hill Tire? 

Well, it starts with the way we treat each other, day in and day out. In a family, everybody has a role to play — and that means that we also share a mutual respect for the important jobs that everyone has to do, from the service counter to the technicians to management and maintenance. And when one of our CHT family members is having a tough time, we rally around to help them, reaffirming that they’re an integral part of this family unit.

In the past year, those qualities have led us to being recognized for three outstanding awards in our community: The “Best Places to Work” award from Triangle Business Journal, “Best in Chapel Hill” award from Chapel Hill Magazine, and a nomination for the Business Excellence Awards from the Chamber of Commerce. We really couldn’t have done it without the hard work and continuing efforts of every member of the Chapel Hill Tire staff.

But family doesn’t stop outside of our doors, either. It’s just as important to us to extend our sense of family into our community of customers and friends in the Triangle, through initiatives like our 12 Days of Kindness, making donations to local automotive programs, and giving back to the teachers that put so much effort into raising our kids right.

And we strive to treat everyone that comes into one of our Chapel Hill Tire locations like family, from the moment they walk in. By treating each other like family first, we set the tone for how every CHT team member treats our guests — with kindness, empathy, and a constant willingness to be grateful and helpful. After all, without our amazing customers and community members, Chapel Hill Tire wouldn’t be here in the first place.

So as we move into this holiday season, the entire Chapel Hill Tire team would like to take a moment to thank you for becoming part of our family. It means the world to us to have your support, and we’re so thankful for the opportunity to continue to become an even bigger and more essential part of the Triangle community.

Our Community: 12 Days of Kindness

Aerial photo showing green trees and buildings

The holiday season is a time of giving — and there’s nothing that we love more at Chapel Hill Tire than being able to give back to our community. Whether that’s in the form of giving our teachers a helping hand, donating to local automotive programs, or simply living by our values of being grateful and helpful, we’re always looking for ways to return the kindness that our community has shown us.

That’s why we’re so happy to announce the return of one of our favorite holiday traditions: The 12 Days of Kindness.

“Every December, we’ve always looked for ways to give back to the community and try to bring our customers into the process. It started with us partnering with local food banks and offering our customers $10 off oil changes if they brought in a can of food,” said Marc Pons, owner of Chapel Hill Tire. “We started exploring new ways of giving back to the community… Then during Covid, we renamed it the 12 Days of Kindness — because we thought the world could use a little more kindness — and it stuck.”

And so, from November 16 through November 24th, we accepted nominations for recipients of twelve $1,000 car care vouchers. If you missed the opportunity to nominate someone, be sure to check back in next year. Maybe you know someone in the Triangle community who you would like to see recognized for their kind, giving, and selfless nature?

“We’re looking for those community heroes who are known for giving more than they receive,” says Marc. “It could be a church volunteer, teacher, or maybe a neighbor who is always there when someone needs a hand.”

Recipients of these car care vouchers were selected on November 30th, after Chapel Hill Tire’s leadership team had time to review all of the submitted applications. One winner will be announced each day from December 11th through December 22nd, accompanied by a video honoring both the recipient and the person who nominated them. You can find our previous year’s videos here.

“We are thankful that we get to use our God-given talents to help our neighbors drive happy all through the year,” says Marc. “We really enjoy showing our gratitude in this way, and we have a lot of fun with it. Be sure to check our Facebook page or 12days.chapelhilltire.com from December 11-22, to share the joy.”

Our News: New Store, New Awards

The Chapel Hill Tire crew has been staying very busy since the last newsletter, and have two exciting announcements to make!

First, we’ve recently opened the doors to our 11th location — this time in Durham, in the former Durham Tire location at 2504 Hillsborough Road. 

Larry Powell, the President of Durham Tire, had this to say about the changeover:

“When we began the search for a new owner, we knew it was crucial to find a business that shared our values and commitment to exceptional service. We are delighted to announce that we have found that in Chapel Hill Tire, a small, family-owned company with 70 years of experience serving the local area. Chapel Hill Tire has an outstanding reputation for delivering great customer service and employee retention, and we are confident that our valued clients and team members will be in excellent hands.”

The shop is up and running now, and taking more and more new customers every day. To celebrate the changeover and thank the team for their hard work, Marc stopped by to cook steaks for everyone. He had this to say about the changeover:

“We believe that we have something really special to offer our customers, and we’re really proud of the culture we have here. We go the extra mile for our employees, so they can go the extra mile for our customers. And we saw those same sorts of values in Durham Tire, so we think their team will be a natural fit for the Chapel Hill Tire family.”

And second, we have been nominated for not one, but three separate business excellence awards! That includes the “Best Places to Work” award from Triangle Business Journal, “Best in Chapel Hill” award from Chapel Hill Magazine, and a nomination for the Business Excellence Awards from the Chamber of Commerce. You’ll be able to find these awards mentioned in a spotlight feature in Triangle Business Journal’s August 25th special publication, as well as in the recent July/August issue of Chapel Hill Magazine.

As of the time of writing, we’ve also been informed that Chapel Hill Tire has made the list for Modern Tire Dealers’ Top 100 independent tire dealerships for the first time ever. We are honored to receive this recognition from a trusted leader in the tire and automotive industry, especially so shortly after being recognized for excellence by our community and our local leaders.

“Winning these awards reaffirms our commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and a thriving work culture,” Says Marc Pons, President of Chapel Hill Tire. “These honors inspire the team to continue delivering top-notch services and maintain their position as a trusted leader in the automotive industry.”

We’d love to have you stop by and visit us at the new Durham location, but if you can’t make it by in person, you can always take advantage of one of our convenient and innovative new services like mobile car wash and detailing, or our free pickup and delivery.