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Mobile Car Care: Let the Mechanics Come to You

Car problems always seem to strike at the worst possible time—which leaves drivers struggling to visit a mechanic. All too often, vehicles go without vital services because drivers have to prioritize work, family, and other life happenings. Chapel Hill Tire now offers a better way to get the auto repair and maintenance services you need. When you are unable to visit a mechanic, our mobile car care solutions can help. Here is a closer look at remote vehicle services from the local mechanics at Chapel Hill Tire.  

Pick-Up and Delivery Mechanic Services

Mobile car care makes vehicle service accessible. Whether you are too busy for a mechanic visit or you simply enjoy the convenience, this service is for you. Let’s take a look at how pick-up and delivery mechanic service works: 

  • First, the Chapel Hill Tire experts will visit your home or work to pick up your vehicle. 
  • Next, we take it back to the shop and give it the care it needs. 
  • Along the way, we will update you via text so you know the status of your services. 
  • Once it is ready to go, we will bring your car back to you, fully serviced. 

It’s that simple. You may have questions about the service, and our professionals have the answers. Here is a quick FAQ about mobile mechanic service. 

Is Mobile Car Care Safe?

If anyone can drive on thin brake pads, a shaking steering wheel, or with a burnt-out bulb, it is your professional mechanics. In some cases, pick-up and delivery mechanics may even be able to help resolve technical issues preventing you from driving to the shop. For example, if you are stranded with a dead battery, our experts will give your car a jump to get it back for a replacement. However, if a vehicle is broken down or entirely unsafe to drive, it will need to be towed for service.

How Long Does Pick-Up and Delivery Service Take?

Pick-up and delivery times will depend on:

  • Your appointment time
  • The vehicle service(s) needed
  • Driver availability

…and other varying factors. At Chapel Hill Tire, we update our drivers on their service progress via text, so you never have any questions about repair times. 

How Much Does Pick-Up and Delivery Service Cost?

With certain mechanic networks, convenience comes with a big price tag. Chapel Hill Tire is different. Our pick-up/delivery mechanic service is FREE for drivers within our service areas. 

Who Qualifies for Mobile Car Care?

At Chapel Hill Tire, everyone within our service areas qualifies for free pick-up and delivery. This includes drivers in:

Other Convenient Mechanic Services

If pick-up and delivery service does not sound right for you, there are other ways to make high-quality car care convenient. 

  • Curbside service: When you choose curbside service, we will come to you at our curb for your vehicle check-in. When your vehicle is ready to go, the keys and your invoice will be in the car waiting for you. 
  • Text updates: You will never have to wonder when your car will be ready to go with Chapel Hill Tire. We offer text updates to keep you informed so that you can plan accordingly.
  • Shuttle service: Our experts will take you where you need to go—work, home, or a nearby shop—while your vehicle is serviced and pick you back up afterward. 
  • Text to pay: Chapel Hill Tire gives you the option to pay by text so you can grab your keys and go once your vehicle is ready. 

Chapel Hill Tire Mobile Car Care Mechanic Services

You can have your vehicle serviced without ever leaving your seat with the Chapel Hill Tire pick-up and delivery service. We invite you to make your appointment here online or give us a call to start Driving Happy with us today!

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