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With our advanced car care technology, we do everything your dealership does, only better. Our rigorously trained ASE-certified technicians use the latest diagnostic equipment to perform maintenance and repairs; conventional, hybrid, domestic or import. Our unparalleled service warranty covers 3 years/36,000 miles. That is three times as long as the automotive dealerships and anyone else in the area. And all of our locations are environmentally Green Plus Certified. For over sixty years, we have been Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Chatham County's and Durham's choice for automotive service. Thanks to our customers for voting us "Best Auto Repair" in the Triangle 3 years in a row. We value your trust. For your convenience, we offer appointments, free shuttle service to home or work, and a free one year roadside protection plan with any service.

  • What Services Do We Perform?

  • What Makes & Models Do We Service?

  • Service Warranty & Nationwide Coverage

  • Hybrids

    We're #1...

    That's Chapel Hill Tire Car Care Center. We're the 1st Certified Hybrid Repair Center in the Triangle.

    Got a hybrid you need serviced? No problem.

    Click here to learn how we can deliver the same outstanding service for your hybrid as we do for all makes and models of vehicles-from performing routine maintenance to repairing problems to replacement batteries.

    My Chapel Hill Tire Car Care Center Hybrid Check List

    • Every Year
    • Inspect and lubricate brake calipers to prevent seizure as a result of regenerative braking operation.
    • Every 30,000 Miles
    • Service your hybrid's cooling systems every 30,000 miles.
    • Service your CVT transmission every 30,000 miles.
    • Every 100,000 Miles
    • Tune up your hybrid, including spark plugs and valve adjustment.
    • As Needed
    • Replace your hybrid's high voltage battery, at a fraction of the cost of the dealership and with a 3 year guarantee on parts and labor.
    • Install a new hybrid transmission, if needed.
    • Replace your hybrid's inverters, the brain of the hybrid system that converts the electricity, as needed.

    The most important thing on that check list?
    Our friendly, well-trained, professional technicians deliver the same outstanding service for hybrids as we do for all makes and models of vehicles–from performing routine maintenance to repairing problems to replacing batteries.

    With four convenient locations in Chapel Hill, Carrboro and Durham, we make it easy for hybrid customers by scheduling (and honoring) appointments and providing free shuttle service.

    Air Conditioning

    • A/C Service
    • A/C Diagnosis
    • R12 Freon
    • R134a Freon
    • A/C Retrofits
    • A/C Component Replacement


    Vehicle alignment should be checked annually. We also recommend an alignment when new tires are purchased. A vehicle that is not within the manufacturer’s alignment specifications can cause premature tire wear. This will nullify a tire’s mileage warranty.


    We carry Interstate Batteries, the most trusted name in automotive batteries. We also offer Hybrid replacement batteries at a fraction of the cost.


    Brakes should be checked every 12,000 miles.

    Brake Flushes

    We recommend having your brake fluid inspected every 30,000 miles.

    Cooling Systems/Radiators

    • Overheating Diagnosis
    • Coolant Leak Diagnosis
    • Radiator Replacement
    • Thermostats
    • Hoses and Belts
    • Water Pumps

    Coolant/Antifreeze Flushes

    We recommend having your coolant quality inspected every 15,000 miles.

    CV Boots and Axles

    Chapel Hill Tire Car Care Center uses only the highest quality aftermarket parts for CV boot and axle replacement.


    • Engine Service
    • Engine Diagnosis
    • Check Engine Light Computer Diagnosis
    • Tune Ups
    • Timing Belts
    • Spark Plugs
    • Fuel Filters
    • Fuel Pumps

    Fuel System Service

    We recommend a fuel system service every 30,000 miles.


    NitroFill™ is an innovative and environmentally-friendly way to inflate car tires that helps drivers maintain proper tire pressure and decrease rolling resistance while reducing wear, saving money, and increasing safety. To learn more about NitroFill service click here.

    Power Steering Flushes

    We recommend having your power steering fluid inspected every 30,000 miles.

    Scheduled Service Maintenance

    Chapel Hill Tire Car Care Center wants to help you maintain your vehicle and prevent costly repairs from happening down the road.

    Starting & Charging

    • Starting Diagnosis
    • Starters
    • Alternators
    • Batteries

    Steering & Suspension

    • Shocks and Struts
    • Tie Rod Ends
    • Ball Joints
    • Steering Racks
    • Power Steering Pumps
    • Axle and Wheel Bearings

    Tires & Tire Services

    Featuring Our Road Hazard Protection Plan
    We are tire experts and offer a variety of tire services. We carry Michelin, Uniroyal, BF Goodrich with full access to all major brands. Our Road Hazard Protection Plan is designed to offer peace of mind while saving you money. No one offers greater value when it comes to purchasing and maintaining your tires. For damages not covered by manufacturer's warranty our Road Hazard Protection Plan offers:

    • 100% replacement first year
    • 50% replacement second year
    • 25% third year
    • Complimentary Nitrofill, nitrogen tire inflation service, for the life of your tires
    • Complimentary flat repairs for the life of your tires
    • Complimentary tire rotation and balancing for the life of your tires

    Ask your service advisor for details.

    Transmission Flushes

    We recommend having transmission fluid inspected every 30,000 miles.

    Mobile Alloy Wheel Repair & Refinishing