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Flat Tire Repair Durham

Durham: Woodcroft Shopping Center Location


4805 Hope Valley Road
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Flat Tire and Puncture Repair

Tire Patch and Flat Repair Services in Chapel Hill, Apex, Raleigh, Durham, & Carrboro

The ominous low tire pressure light can leave you worried that you have a nail in your tire—or, worse even, a flat tire. While tire issues can be concerning, the service experts at Chapel Hill Tire are here for you with our affordable tire patch and flat repair services.

What Causes Tire Flats?

A wide variety of road hazards and tire deficiencies can cause flat tires. Common sources of flats include potholes, nails/puncture wounds, old/worn tires, and bent rims, among others. The cause of your flat tire and the extent of your damage will determine whether your flat tire can be fixed or needs to be replaced. Let’s look at a few common flat tire scenarios:

  • For flats caused by old, worn, or severely damaged tires, you will most likely need a tire replacement rather than a flat repair.
  • Is your flat tire caused by a bent rim? If this is the case (and the damage has not yet spread to your tires) you may need a rim repair/straightening instead of a flat tire repair.
  • Are you seeing tire deflation because of a nail or puncture? This is often an easy fix, as your tire can be patched and reinflated by our experts.

Read our full guide to common flat tire causes and solutions here.

Tire Patching: What Causes Tire Punctures?

One common question from our customers: “How do nails get stuck in tires? ” Because they lay flat on the ground, it can be hard to understand how your tires collect nails instead of rolling right over them. Commonly, nails are often found on the sides of the roads where they may not be laying flat. When you make a wide turn or veer off the road (even if only for a moment), loose nails can easily find tires. Nails may also get stuck in your back tires after being kicked up by your front tires, or they may get stuck in your front tires after being kicked up by a vehicle in front of you.

While many drivers immediately assume that their dropping tire pressure is caused by a nail puncture, low tire pressure can have a wide variety of causes. Read our full guide on how to check your tire pressure and common causes of tire deflation here.

The Importance of Quick Service

When you catch a minimally-damaged flat tire or a nail early, you can prevent further issues by getting a quick repair. If you continue to drive with your tire pressure too low, you can create worsened damage, including bent rims, tire blowouts, and more. Low tire pressure can also impact your fuel economy, vehicle handling, and tire lifespan. This is why you should check your tire pressure every few months—or get a free tire pressure check and refill during each of your Chapel Hill Tire oil change visits.

Tire Puncture and Flat Repair Costs

  • Tire Puncture Inspection


  • Tire Patch and Flat Repair


Flat Tire and Tire Puncture Repairs Near Me

When it is time to get your flat tire serviced, Chapel Hill Tire will start with a free visual tire inspection to determine if you need a flat tire repair, a tire replacement, or another tire service. Once we determine the service you need, our experts will create a repair plan with you.

The Chapel Hill Tire network has 11 locations throughout the Triangle, including mechanics in Raleigh, Durham, Carrboro, and Chapel Hill. You can find a coupon for your first visit, and then make your flat repair appointment with Chapel Hill Tire to get started today!