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Maintenance Flushes in Chapel Hill

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Fluid Maintenance Services

Maintenance Flushes in Chapel Hill, Durham, Cary, Apex, Raleigh, and Carrboro

At Chapel Hill Tire, we provide a number of maintenance flush services to help you keep your car in good shape. These regular system maintenance flushes are the best way to get great value, great gas mileage, and a long life out of your car. They are also the best way to keep costs low – changing out your car’s fluids is less expensive than replacing damaged parts that the fluids help protect and keep functioning.

Coolant Flush Near Me

Your car’s cooling system carries heat away from the engine and circulates antifreeze/coolant throughout the engine to maintain the operating temperature, ensuring both your safety and a long life for your car’s engine. How do you know when you need a coolant flush? Worn-out coolant can cause your engine to run hotter, create rust, scale, and sludge in the cooling system, and cause internal corrosion of the cooling system and thermostat failure.  A coolant flush service at Chapel Hill Tire includes a three-part kit which:

  • Cleans out the cooling system, removing rust, sludge, and scale
  • Replaces all the old coolant with new coolant
  • Includes a conditioner to keep the new coolant in great condition, longer
  • It also includes a visual inspection of all cooling system components, including belts and hoses

Transmission Fluid Flush

Your car’s transmission fluid lubricates and cools your transmission, and also provides the connection between the engine and the wheels. Most automatic transmission failures are due to a poor quality of transmission fluid, and this can be a costly problem. The average cost of replacing a transmission can be anywhere from $4,000 – $8,000.

In order to help you protect your transmission, Chapel Hill Tire offers a transmission fluid flush service which is a complete removal and replacement of your transmission fluid. Without a complete fluid removal, the old fluid (along with its contaminants) will mix with the new fluid and reduce the effectiveness of your fluid’s ability to protect your transmission. If you need a transmission flush in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Apex, Cary, or Carrboro that doesn’t break the bank – come see us at any of our 11 Chapel Hill Tire locations!

Brake Fluid Flush

Hydraulic brake fluid heats to high temperatures when it is helping your brake pads stop your car. The repetitive heating and cooling of the fluid cause it to attract moisture from the air. Over time, the moisture deteriorates your brake fluid, which causes the internal braking system components to break down. As your brake system deteriorates, pieces of rubber and metal flake off and end up in your brake fluid. Over time, your brake fluid also becomes worn out and less functional.  Old and dirty brake fluid can decrease your car’s stopping ability, which is a dangerous problem to have. The solution? Brake fluid flushes.

In order to help you stay safe on the road, we can complete a full brake flush for your car. Our technicians will remove all of the brake fluid from your system and replace it with clean fluid. You should get your brakes flushed every 30,000 miles, but if you notice that your vehicle’s stopping power is diminishing, you should have it inspected by a mechanic immediately. Looking for Brake Services Near Me? Come to Chapel Hill Tire for brake services near Durham, Raleigh, Carrboro, Apex, Cary, and Chapel Hill.

Power Steering Flush

Your power-steering fluid is the hydraulic fluid that gives power to the power-steering pump and enables you to steer your car. As your car gets older, components of your power-steering system wear out and taint the fluid. When this happens, it forces your power-steering pump to have to work harder and eventually break down. This means you’ll either have to replace the pump, which can cost a few hundred dollars, or go without power steering which makes the car difficult to drive.

We recommend a power-steering flush to prolong the life of your car’s power steering so that you don’t have to replace other, more expensive pieces.  If you notice a whining noise when you try to steer or see a leak of any kind, bring your car to Chapel Hill Tire so that we can make sure your system is working properly. If you need a power steering flush in Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Cary, Durham, or Carrboro give us a call or make an appointment at Chapel Hill Tire!

Fuel Injection Service

When you step on the gas, the fuel injector is the system that provides the appropriate amount of fuel to the engine. Our fuel injection service process at Chapel Hill Tire involves removing carbon build-up and fuel deposit from the fuel injectors and throttle body, and cleans the intake valves and ports. Our fuel system service will:

  • Restore fuel efficiency
  • Improve your engine’s performance
  • Reduce harmful emissions

If you notice a decrease in your fuel economy, your car might be due for a fuel injection cleaning.

We also offer the following vehicle services:

  • 4×4 Driveline Service
  • Front and Rear Differential Fluid Service
  • Transfer Case Full Synthetic Fluid Service
  • Manual Transmission Full Synthetic Fluid Service
  • Engine Performance Restoration (EPR)

Maintenance Flush Costs

  • Brake Fluid Service


  • Power Steering Flush


  • Cooling System Fluid Service


  • Fuel Injection Service


  • Transmission Fluid Service

    starting at $292.81

  • 4x4 Driveline Service


  • Front Differential Fluid Service


  • Rear Differential Fluid Service


  • Transfer Case Full Synthetic Fluid Service


  • Manual Transmission Full Synthetic Fluid Service


  • Engine Performance Restoration (EPR)


Why Chapel Hill Tire for Maintenance Flushes?

Our skilled technicians know the importance of a properly working network of systems within your vehicle. To prevent expensive damage, you need to maintain an efficient system. We want your car to run as smoothly as possible, for as long as possible, so visit us and we’ll give your car the necessary maintenance flushes it needs. We’ll get you in, out, and on with your life.