The Importance of Same-Day Car Service Appointments

Picture of a car engine smoking

Delayed service appointments are the new reality for drivers who rely on dealerships for car care. Many dealership service departments have several weeks (or even months) before their next available appointment. So should you wait? Or should you visit a mechanic for same-day car care? Our local mechanics are here with a look at six reasons you might opt for a same-day appointment. 

Protecting Your Vehicle from Further Damage

While you might save money with “free” or discounted car services at your dealership, they can cost you more long-term if your car care is delayed. For example, say you are due for alignment service. Appointment delays here could cause one or more of your tires to lose their tread as it faces uneven wear on the road. By the time the dealership fits you in for an appointment, you will have to pay for both an alignment and a new tire. 

Avoiding Tickets

Unfortunately, failures within certain car components can earn you vehicle equipment traffic violations. For example, a broken headlight, burnt-out taillight, or failing turn signal can all result in written warnings or tickets. When your car service appointment is delayed for months, you are more likely to encounter trouble on the road. 

Passing Inspection

What happens if you get your inspection late? Or if you are late in renewing your registration? While your dealership might offer you free inspections or a discounted rate on services you need to pass, the delay could cost you more than you will save:

  • Late fees: Even one day late on your registration renewal will earn you a late fee of up to $25—nearly twice the cost of your average safety inspection. 
  • Traffic ticket: While you will get a 15-day grace period, after this time, you can also earn a traffic ticket for driving with expired tags and registration. Under North Carolina General Statutes 20-111, driving with an expired registration is a Class 3 misdemeanor. Waiting on your dealership could earn you a ticket, a court fine, and much higher fees than an inspection at your local mechanic.  

Avoid Driving Delays

What if your car is completely shut down without service? If you have your vehicle towed to a dealership for service, it will likely sit for months. Reasonably, most drivers cannot afford to go without their car for an extended period of time. Conversely, having your vehicle towed to a mechanic like Chapel Hill Tire will result in same-day service and a free hybrid loaner car for a day or two if your vehicle requires overnight care. 

Keeping You Safe on the Road

Your vehicle’s most important task is keeping you safe on the road. When one of your safety features is not working as it should, waiting for an appointment is not an option. Even something as simple as a burnt-out taillight could get you in an accident. Worse even, you might end up footing the bill if your service negligence is to blame. 

Extra Costs

Service appointment delays come with other extra costs for drivers—such as more money spent at the pump. When your car is due for service, it will often run inefficiently. As your car requires more effort (and gas) to run, you will find yourself paying more every time you get behind the wheel.

Same-Day Car Appointments at Chapel Hill Tire

You can get your car service the same day at Chapel Hill Tire’s 9 locations across Apex, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and Durham. Our local mechanics also serve drivers in KnightdaleCaryPittsboroWake ForestHillsboroughMorrisville, and beyond. We welcome you to make your online appointmentbrowse our coupons, or give us a call to get started today! 

Do Hybrid and Electric Cars Need Brake Pad Replacements?

Tesla driving on a field of grass

As gas prices waiver, the benefits of hybrid and electric cars are becoming increasingly prominent. However, many drivers may feel unsure when jumping into a new kind of vehicle—especially when you might read competing insights about different vehicle elements. For example, one common point of contention is whether or not electric and hybrid vehicles need brake pad replacements. The local mechanics at Chapel Hill Tire are here with insight. 

Do You Have To Get New Brakes on Electric and Hybrid Cars?

So, do hybrids and electric vehicles need new brake pads? The short answer is yes—the brake pads on your hybrid or electric car will not last forever. Many hybrid vehicles and EVs need a brake inspection and/or service at the 5-year mark. This service interval is still helping you save—as standard cars need a brake pad replacement every 40,000-50,000 miles. 

Why Doesn’t Regenerative Braking Prevent Brake Pad Replacements? 

It is true that regenerative braking allows your engine to absorb the energy of your vehicle as it slows and stops—rather than relying mainly on brake pad friction. Brake pads wear away much more slowly than in standard cars. However, there are still a few considerations here that will cause your EV or hybrid to require new brake pads:

  • Brake Pad Adhesive
  • Age and Decline
  • Wear and Tear

Let’s take a closer look at each issue facing hybrid and electric vehicle brake pads. 

1: Brake Pad Adhesive

While you might find your brake pads with more than the required 1/4th of an inch height for countless years; however, at the 5-year mark, the greater concern is the brake pad adhesive. The adhesive keeps the vital block of friction material connected to the brake pad. As the adhesive becomes less reliable, your brake pads become a safety hazard. This issue is why most mechanics (and manufacturers) recommend replacement at five years for electric and hybrid vehicles. You can read your owner’s manual to find more specific information and recommendations about your vehicle’s brake pad service requirements.

2: Age and Decline

Your brake pads are made of materials with a limited lifespan—such as rubber, metals, and more. For example, rubber can begin to oxidize over time—and any combination of metals can begin to rust. In addition, the heat, friction, moisture, and other elements your vehicle faces on the road can accelerate and wear these materials out over time. 

3: Wear and Tear

While regenerative braking minimizes brake wear, it does not prevent it entirely. The wear on your brake pads will depend on a variety of factors, including:

  • Whether you drive a hybrid or electric vehicle
  • Make, model, and regenerative braking design of your vehicle
  • Your driving patterns
  • The situations you face on the road
  • And so much more

For example, say you like to maintain a healthy charge when you drive your electric vehicle. You might even trickle-charge your vehicle every night. After all, you do not want to get stranded without a convenient charging station. Some EV and hybrid cars have a switch that will lessen or shut off your regenerative braking system when your charge is full or nearly full to avoid overcharging your battery. In these cases, you might be relying heavily on your brake pads. 

Additionally, many electric vehicles will engage your brake pads during quick, powerful stops. So, if you find yourself frequently slamming your brakes in rush-hour traffic, chances are that your brake pads are doing a lot of the heavy lifting here. 

Certainly, your brake pads will not face as much wear as in traditional vehicles. However, we can note that if your car wears away at your brake pads (even just a little bit at a time), eventually, they will be worn to the point that they require replacement. After all, worn brake pads will put your safety at risk and prevent you from passing your annual inspection.  

Car Care for Hybrids and Electric Vehicles: Chapel Hill Tire

Chapel Hill Tire offers brake pad replacements for all vehicles, including hybrids and electric vehicles. Our local Tesla and EV mechanics have the specialty care and experience needed to handle these cars with the highest level of service. In addition, we keep up with the latest services needed for these continuously-evolving vehicles—such as our rim guard installation services for Tesla curb rash. 

Chapel Hill Tire proudly serves the greater Triangle area with 9 locations across Apex, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and Durham. We invite you to make an appointmentbrowse our coupons, or give us a call to get started today! 

Our People: General Manager Todd Ward

a wrench set and a hat beside a sticker with a smiley face and the words drive happy

“I’ve had so many opportunities to learn and grow.”

Speaking with our General Manager Todd Ward, that’s a sentiment that comes up time and time again. It’s not just words, either — it’s backed up by an impressively long career history with Chapel Hill Tire, stretching all the way back to 1987.

In his first position as a General Service Technician, you could find Todd changing tires and oil with his team at the Carrboro location. But even during the four years he was cutting his teeth on the automotive repair industry, Todd was already looking to take the opportunities offered to him. That led to making light repairs on shocks, springs, and the like.

But Todd’s willingness and aptitude led him to become a Service Writer at the Carrboro location next, followed very shortly thereafter by his role as Manager of the entire location, a role he would hold all the way until 2015. This was perfect for him, as he felt a deep sense of connection to his work family at Carrboro, and loved being able to support them through the trials and tribulations of personal and professional life.

Even all of that experience couldn’t quite prepare Todd for what came next, though. With Marc Pons taking on the role as the company’s CEO, Todd was offered his largest responsibility yet: A role as the General Manager in charge of all Chapel Hill Tire locations.

“At the time, I didn’t deal with change very well.” says Todd, “And I’m a very loyal person. My Carrboro team was my family,” and being away from that location felt almost insurmountable.

“I just knew that the toughest part would be leaving my Carrboro family — but I also knew that I’d still be involved. Letting go was hard, but it’s been totally worth it.”

But with time and experience, Todd has taken to the General Manager role like a duck to water. He loves getting to spend his days visiting all nine locations, checking in with his people, making sure everything is going well for them both personally and professionally.

“In the stores, I always want to show that I care.” says Todd, and he does that every day by having conversations with every employee he meets.

“It did take me a little while to get in my groove. It was a lot to learn, and a different way of leading than what I was used to.” But what made that transition possible for Todd was sticking to Chapel Hill Tire’s core values — particularly Winning As A Team. By always supporting each other like a family, those values served to open the door to real personal and professional growth, all within the company.

With regards to those values, Todd says it best:

“I’ll say this: Those values are not just writing on the wall. They are what have helped to build the culture that we have today, by living those values and making decisions based on those values.”

For Todd, that means implementing them in a real, physical way each day: “We really focus on and talk about them daily, with our managers having a morning huddle focusing on the value of the week. They’re a huge piece of what’s gotten us to where we’re at today.”

Chapel Hill Tire wouldn’t be the place it is today without the people who keep it running, and we especially thank Todd for the work he’s done in continuing to grow and develop with everyone as a team!

What’s Up With That? How Tire Pressure Affects Your Gas Mileage

Checking tire pressure

As you’re cruising down the highway, you probably don’t often think of your car’s tires. But put just a little bit of ice and snow on the ground, or start maneuvering around tight hairpin turns, and it quickly becomes obvious how important your tires’ traction really is. And that traction, as well as almost everything about your tires’ performance, depends very strongly on proper tire pressure.

The trick of it is this: Even though it might look like your tires are fully touching the ground while you drive, they’re actually using a much smaller contact patch. And for the average tire, this area where the tire is actually touching the ground while you’re moving isn’t much bigger than the sole of your shoe.

When your tires are properly inflated, their contact patches are like a well-fitting pair of shoes.

High Heels and Clown Shoes

So imagine for a minute: What if your shoes didn’t fit well at all?

Overinflated tires are like shoes that are too small. Their contact patches (soles) are smaller than you’d expect, and that makes it awfully difficult to keep the right traction and stability while you’re moving — just think of what it would be like to wear high heels on an icy sidewalk!

Similarly, low tire pressure and underinflated tires are like wearing a pair of clown shoes. Their contact patches are bigger and floppier, and that makes them harder and less efficient to move around in.

But the perfectly inflated set of tires is like the perfect shoe, giving a smooth and comfortable ride and plenty of traction even when road conditions get dicey. And that efficiency is key to getting the best gas mileage out of your vehicle, just as wearing a perfect pair of shoes makes it easier to walk longer with less fatigue.

Right Tire Pressure, Better Gas Mileage

This isn’t just a fun analogy, though — it’s also backed up by science from the U.S. Department of Energy.

In a study from 2014, researchers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory tested tires across a range of inflation pressures and highway driving speeds from 40 to 80 miles per hour. And their results were pretty amazing: In addition to being much safer to drive on, properly inflated tires can have as much as 10 percent better fuel economy compared to underinflated ones.

Checking Your Tires

Now that you know how important tire pressure can be, you might be wondering: How do your tires currently match up?

Most cars list an ideal tire pressure on a sticker inside of the driver’s side door; open your door and look down, and you should be able to find it pretty easily. Failing that, you can also find optimal tire pressure listed in the owner’s manual for your car.

Or you can save yourself the hassle, and bring your car by any of our Chapel Hill Tire locations to get the pressure checked and adjusted. That’s a great time to make sure your tire tread is in good shape too, so you can rest easy knowing that your car will get you from here to there and back again without any problems.

Our Community: Volunteering to Help Animals

Aerial photo showing green trees and buildings

Anyone with a pet knows that family can come on four legs just as easily as two — and that an animal’s unconditional love and affection is one of life’s most amazing blessings.

That’s why organizations like the Wake County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) are such an important part of our communities — and why Chapel Hill Tire is so happy to be able to support their mission “To transform the lives of pets and people through protection, care, education, and adoption.”

But too often, animals outside of safe and loving homes are barely getting by. And without our help, they could be in real danger.

Emely Bernal, one of our Service Advisors at the Atlantic Avenue location, really took this mission to heart. When she and the human resources team set a goal of finding a way to help their community, the path forward became obvious:

“A lot of us love animals and have pets at home, so I felt like the SPCA was a perfect fit. On top of that, they’re a no-kill shelter, with values that really match up with what we do at Chapel Hill Tire.”

To be of best help to this invaluable organization, Emely first took a trip to their Garner location. “Going to their facility in Garner gave me such a pleasant feeling,” says Emely, mentioning that the way staff treated her and the animals was warm and kind from the moment she walked in.

That gave Emely a great idea: Knowing how many of her Chapel Hill Tire family members loved their own pets, why not organize a way for everyone to be able to donate what the SPCA needed most?

“I reached out to them and asked what items they were most in need of,” says Emely. After that, she put a plan in action for marking lists of those items and putting out donation boxes at all of our Chapel Hill Tire locations.

Keeping these boxes out for about three months gave plenty of opportunities for our Chapel Hill Tire teams — and customers — to fill them up with donations. And it was a big success: At Emely’s location on Atlantic Avenue, that box was filled up within just two weeks!

By the end of July, Emely gathered up all the donations to take over to the Wake County SPCA. They were incredibly grateful for everything we could provide, and it was a real reward for Emely to meet some of the animals she had helped through her initiative.

“I hope this is my first time of many doing something helpful like this, and I’m so grateful to everyone at Chapel Hill Tire for helping me to achieve my goals.”

If you can help adopt, donate, volunteer, or foster, please do reach out to the Wake County SPCA through their website!

Our Values: Winning As A Team, With Our Families and Communities

Chapel Hill Tire Values

When you think of what it means to be a family, what comes to mind?

Life Magazine author Jane Howard said “Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family: Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.”

Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said “In family life, love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds closer together, and the music that brings harmony.”

And renowned actor and activist Michael J. Fox may have summed it up best: “Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.”

Taken together, those quotes build a powerful message: That family and love are essential to every aspect of life — and that very much includes the workplace, too.

In our values at Chapel Hill Tire, one of the ways we express that sense of family is through our commitment to Winning As A Team. Just what does that mean? Let our owner Marc Pons tell it best:

“It means that when we are successful, we recognize that everyone contributes equally to the customer experience. Any breakdown from shuttle driver to service advisor to technician creates a bad experience. A great experience means everyone is doing their role and going the extra mile for the customer and each other. So when we are successful, the whole team needs to be recognized.”

And most recently, we were able to live that value in a way that helped to further connect our work families, home families, and communities: Through an exciting Family Night watching a Durham Bulls game!

Marc continues: “We also want to make sure that we celebrate in ways that allow people to include their families. Our employees want to share what’s special about Chapel Hill Tire with their families. Our team brought out their spouses, children, sisters, brothers, mothers and fathers to the game. We all had a great time together, and that’s what winning as a team is all about.”

And while the game may have been a blast, it seems that the opportunity for everyone’s extended families to get together was the real draw. “Of the three and a half hours we were there, I probably caught about 10 minutes of the game,” says General Manager Todd Ward, “and I just loved getting to see everybody together and having fun.”

It’s this commitment to treating each other like family and winning as a team that keeps our crews together, and it’s what motivates us to keep including our customers and communities in that family as well. We strive to share that with everyone who comes to visit one of our Chapel Hill Tire locations, and hope that you’ll agree that when you’re here, you feel like family.

Our News: A New Location, and New Car Wash and Detailing Services

aerial photo of green trees and a curving road

In this month’s news, we have two exciting announcements to make!

First, Chapel Hill Tire is expanding its range of locations in the Triangle — and while we can’t share all the details yet, as soon as we have things nailed down you’ll be the first to know. We’ve been hard at work to secure this new location, and we’re going to be so excited to welcome more people in our communities as part of the Chapel Hill Tire family.

But we’ve saved the most exciting news for the end: At six different Chapel Hill Tire locations across Chapel Hill, Durham, and Carrboro, we are now offering a comprehensive cleaning and detailing service!

This isn’t just any old car wash though. In addition to washing, waxing, and vacuuming, we’re also offering fine-tuned detailing through paint correction, stain removal, carpet shampooing, and more.

But the best part? If you don’t have time to drop your car off and wait, we can still get it looking brand new and shiny for you.

As part of our service packages for our Drive Clean, Drive Happy car wash and detailing, we’re also offering free pick up and delivery. So while you’re working at the office or out on the town for a bit, we’ll be hard at work getting your car cleaned, detailed, and ready to go. Because there are few feelings better than stepping out of work and into your freshly cleaned and detailed car.

To see our range of car wash and detailing services and to schedule an appointment, click the image below.

Car Accident Recovery: Is My Car Safe to Drive?

Picture of a fender bender

When you are in a car accident, tow trucks will arrive on the scene to whisk away any cars unable to drive. However, if your vehicle does not have evident damage preventing you from going, you might be expected to drive it home. Drivers can feel unsafe in a vehicle with car accident damage. In addition, you might not feel confident that your car is back to normal—even after repairs. 

You must get the car care you need now. If even minor car accident damage is overlooked, it can evolve into much larger problems—and you might end up paying out of pocket after your car accident has been settled. Our local mechanics are here to put your mind at ease. Here are the car concerns to look for after a car accident.

1) Ensure Safety Features are Intact

Naturally, you will first want to inspect your vehicle’s safety features before driving off of a scene. If any safety features are compromised, it is likely best to have your car towed to a mechanic. 

  • Airbags: If any of your airbags were deployed, your vehicle is not safe to drive. These airbags will need to be replaced before they can protect you again. 
  • Seatbelts: If your seat belts were cut, damaged, or proven ineffective at keeping you secure in the accident, your car might not be safe to drive. 
  • Lights: Take a moment to check your car’s safety lights—including your headlights, tail lights, and turn signal lights—to ensure they work well. You do not want to drive off after a fender bender only to find yourself left in the dark once the sun sets. 

If you want a closer look at your car’s safety features, you can read our guide to everything checked during a safety inspection. You will also likely have police officers and other professionals at a car accident sight who can provide their advice and opinions on the conditions of your car. However, it is best left to your judgment on whether or not your vehicle is safe to drive. 

2) Check Your Tires, Rims, and Wheels

Before declining to have your car towed, take a close look at your tires. If you have bent rims, flat tires, and damaged wheels, your vehicle is not safe to drive. 

Otherwise, if you choose to drive off the scene, wait until emergency professionals clear the car accident debris. You could damage a tire if you go over any lingering hardware, glass, or metal components.

Additionally, a mechanic should check your wheel alignment and tire health following an accident. If a car accident throws off your tire alignment, you will begin to experience excessive and uneven treadwear. 

3) Take Extra Caution When Driving

Your car is a network of parts and systems that must work together for you to safely and successfully drive. One slight disconnect has the potential to throw off your vehicle. Additionally, not all of these elements are easy to check visually—such as the brakes and suspension.

If you choose to drive after a car accident, be sure to take it easy—especially before having your vehicle inspected by a mechanic. If any of your vehicle functions feel unusual or unsafe, do not hesitate to pull over and call a tow truck. It can take an expert’s insight to understand what is happening under the hood. 

Other Considerations for Driving After a Car Accident

Car accidents are overwhelming, and it can be easy to delay or avoid some vital steps. While any medical care is the most important, you should next have your vehicle looked at by a professional. Experts can assess the damages and ensure your vehicle is safe to drive. 

Additionally, if you wait months to have your vehicle checked out, insurance companies might claim that the damage was caused outside of the accident. There are two shops that you should plan to visit with your car:

  • Body shop: A body shop will examine the exterior of your vehicle (such as dents and paint damage). 
  • Mechanic: Your mechanic will inspect your vehicle’s interior—including the engine and vehicle safety components.

When you visit the mechanic, mention that your car was in an accident. They will know what to look for and can give you service recommendations tailored to your vehicle. 

Chapel Hill Tire: Mechanics in the Triangle

If your car is damaged in an accident, you can visit the nearest Chapel Hill Tire—or have your vehicle towed to our shop. Our expert mechanics will take care of your vehicle and ensure it is safe for you to drive. We will also provide you with any repair estimates you might need for your insurance. Best of all, our experts provide all of the mechanic services you might need for your vehicle’s car accident recovery—from alignments to full engine replacements and even the detailing you might need for your interior. Chapel Hill Tire has 9 locations across Apex, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and Durham. You can make an appointment, browse our coupons, or give us a call to get started today!

5 Steps to Prepping Your Tires for Winter Weather

New tires from Chapel Hill Tire

As the days get colder, you will perhaps first begin noticing its effects on your tires. So how can you get your tires ready before the freezing temperatures arrive? The local mechanics at Chapel Hill Tire are here with insight. 

Step 1: Tire Pressure Refill

On the first cool morning of the winter, most drivers will find the low tire pressure light illuminated on their dashboards. Why? When the weather gets cold, the air inside your tires will compress. 

If you have ever ridden a bike with low tire pressure, you will understand why this condition can stress and strain your vehicle. Low tire pressure can:

  • Create low fuel efficiency
  • Accelerate tire tread wear
  • Leave wheels and rims vulnerable
  • Debilitate your engine

Thankfully, adding air to your tires is simple, and you can score free tire pressure refills at your local mechanic shop

Step 2: Tire Rotation

Most cars have a front-wheel drive steering system—meaning that the front tires twist and turn on the road to control your vehicle’s direction. So naturally, this will cause your front tires to face more wear than your back tires. 

As front tire tread wears out quickly, the uneven wear can leave your car vulnerable on the road—especially during inclement weather. However, you can prepare your vehicle for the season with a routine tire rotation. As the name suggests, this service involves rotating your tires to ensure the tread wears evenly. In some cases, uneven wear will be a sign that you need an alignment service. Getting this car care before the peak of winter can help keep you and your vehicle protected.

Step 3: Tire Inspection and Necessary Patching Services

Take a moment to look closely at each of your tires. Is the tread wearing evenly? Do you see any nails, screws, or obstructions in your rubber? 

You should visually inspect your tires every month to ensure they are in good working order. If you catch an issue early, you can help prevent more serious (and expensive) damage. Take a moment to have any nails removed and patched by a professional mechanic. Here is our guide to what your tire tread should look like during a visual inspection

Step 4: Tire Replacement

If your tires are low on tread, they will inhibit your ability to brake and handle your vehicle. These safety challenges are especially dangerous in the rain and snow. If your visual inspection reveals low tire tread, you will need tire replacement. Thankfully, buying tires is easier than ever with the latest conveniences. You can click here to read about how our local mechanics are transforming the tire buying experience

Step 5: Winter Tires

In climates with extreme weather, you might consider winter tires as a final recourse in preparing your wheels for the season. Winter tire treads are designed to cut through snow and slush to help you stay in control. Additionally, the rubber compounds of these tires resist the hardening effects of cold weather. By staying soft and flexible in freezing conditions, winter tires help your vehicle maintain traction on the road. 

Most likely, divers who live in more moderate climates (like Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Durham, and Apex) will not need winter tires. However, here is a look at some situations where drivers in the south might consider them: 

  • If you plan to travel to areas where wintery weather is more extreme and common, winter tires can help you stay safe on your drive. 
  • In North Carolina, most roadways and businesses shut down when the weather gets bad. However, if you work in a profession where you are required to travel even when the snow starts to fall, winter tires can help keep you safe. 
  • Wintery weather can strike unexpectedly and at the worst times. Some drivers choose to get winter tires as an extra safety precaution for the season. 

For drivers who choose to invest in winter tires, it is important to note that these tires should only be used in the colder months. The soft rubber of these tires will wear out quickly in the heat. Your local mechanic can help you change out your tires for the warmer weather, while you save your winter tires for next year’s coldest months. 

Tires for Every Season at Chapel Hill Tire

When you are ready to get your tires ready for the winter season, visit one of Chapel Hill Tire’s 9 locations across Apex, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and Durham. We offer all of the tire services you might need for the cold weather—including tire patching, repair, rotation, alignment, balancing, and winter tire installation. Our professional mechanics also commonly serve nearby communities, including Knightdale, Cary, Pittsboro, Wake Forest, Hillsborough, Morrisville, and beyond. We invite you to make an appointment, browse our coupons, or give us a call to get started today! 

Why Tire Alignment Service Is So Important

Wheel Alignment

Your vehicle requires maintenance to stay in good working condition. Some services are recommended but are not necessary—like AC repair and car wash/detailing services. These types of services can provide comfort and help your vehicle last longer, but it is not critical you complete them right away. Other services, like oil changes and tire alignments, are absolutely essential to the immediate health of your vehicle. So what makes tire alignment so important? The local mechanics at Chapel Hill Tire are here with insight. 

1: Keeping You Safe on the Road

Your tires are vital in helping you steer, handle, and stop your vehicle. However, when your tires are not aligned properly, they will begin to wear rapidly and unevenly—impacting their ability to help you control your vehicle. Such tire issues can lead to accidents or prevent your ability to manage driving challenges like inclement weather. 

Additionally, healthy wheels default to pointing straight ahead, while misaligned wheels are known to naturally veer to one side. A key sign of alignment trouble is when your vehicle pulls while driving rather than guiding you straight ahead. If you lose your grip on the steering wheel for even a moment, misaligned tires can begin leading you into oncoming traffic.

2: Protecting Your Tires

Healthy wheels will allow your tires to evenly distribute the weight of your vehicle. However, when bumps in the road throw off your alignment, it will also disrupt this weight distribution. As such, alignment troubles can cause certain tires or tire elements to experience extra friction. The friction will wear away at your tire tread rapidly, requiring you to replace one or more of your tires.  

3: Passing Your Inspections

Healthy tires are required to pass your NC safety inspection and emissions inspection. As mentioned above, alignment troubles can lead to accelerated and uneven tire wear. In these cases, you will need an alignment and tire replacement before passing your inspections and renewing your registration. You can read our guide to everything checked during the annual NC safety inspection here. 

4: Protecting Your Wallet

You might wonder, “Do I really need an alignment service?” Some drivers try to save money by passing on this service when your mechanic recommends it. However, you will end up paying much more long-term by skipping your wheel alignment. In these cases, you can end up paying for an alignment service AND new tires—as well as any additional care you might need to overcome service neglect. 

5: Preventing Further Issues

Misaligned tires can cause a ripple effect that will begin impacting other vehicle elements. For example, your steering wheel might start to shake as your suspension system struggles. In addition, worn tires can leave your rims more vulnerable to scratches and bends. To prevent further issues, it is best to get your vehicle serviced at the first sign of an issue. 

Car Alignment Service Near Me | Chapel Hill Tire 

If you are wondering whether or not you need an alignment, visit Chapel Hill Tire for a FREE alignment inspection. Our local mechanics have you covered when you need an alignment service, tire replacement, or any other vehice maintenance. We offer all of the services you need to Drive Happy. 

Our car care experts proudly serve the greater Triangle area with 9 locations across Apex, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and Durham. We also commonly serve surrounding communities, including KnightdaleCaryPittsboroWake ForestHillsboroughMorrisville, and beyond. You can make an appointmentbrowse our coupons, or give Chapel Hill Tire a call to get started today!